When we launched our brand rep program Fall 2015 we started with just a handful of darlin's who believed in us. Today we have 30 country gals of all ages who stand behind Dixie Darlin' & Country Traditions with full support. With their help we are able to reach many new individuals daily and welcome them into the Dixie Darlin' & Country Traditions family. Thank you for your commitment, dedication, hard work, and unconditional support of this brand.
We are incredibly blessed & grateful to have you on our team.
xoxo -Tay
Interested in joining our community of like minded women who enjoy sharing their love for Dixie Darlin’ & the country way of life?
We would love to hear more about you!
Fall 2018 Dixie Darlin’ Brand Rep | August 15th – December 15th

Fall applications are closed at this time. Spring applications will open later this year. ♥