We're Baaaack!

Hi friends! Have you noticed we’ve been a little hit or miss on social media lately? Well we have a pretty good reason why— we would like to introduce Miss Kendall Kaye! She made her grand appearance on February 19th at 7lb 4oz and we couldn’t be more in love with this little darlin’! 👶🏻💕🎀

Since 2013 Dixie Darlin’ has grown rapidly in retail, online and wholesale spaces across the country... including a nationwide box-store!! Believe it or not the Dixie Darlin’ brand is a large scale mom & pop company! We even design & manufacture each and every product ourselves. With Jimmy & I running the main day to day operations it got to be very overwhelming and super emotional (thanks again hormones 🤪) while undergoing fertility treatments. Which explains why we shifted to exclusivity with this brand over the last couple of years. With our personal hurdles behind us we can’t wait to get back to the grind and share our apparel creativity, outdoor & personal journeys with y’all again!

Thank you for joining our outdoor sisterhood!
Thank you for watching Country Traditions Outdoor!
Thank you for wearing your apparel with pride!
Thank you for carrying our brand in your store!
Thank you for all of your support over the last 7 years!!!

xoxo -Taylor, Jimmy, & Kendall Kaye
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    Such an adorable family! 🥰

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