We're Baaaack!

Hi friends! Have you noticed we’ve been a little hit or miss on social media lately? Well we have a pretty good reason why— we would like to introduce Miss Kendall Kaye! She made her grand appearance on February 19th at 7lb 4oz and we couldn’t be more in love with this little darlin’! 👶🏻💕🎀 Since 2013 Dixie Darlin’ has grown rapidly in retail, online and wholesale spaces across the country... including a nationwide box-store!! Believe it or not the Dixie Darlin’ brand is a large scale mom & pop company! We even design & manufacture each and every product ourselves....

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Where did the Dixie Darlin' Collection Go?

Are you wondering where the majority of our collection has gone recently? If you don't follow our owners on social media lets get you caught up to speed... Our founder Taylor Shelhamer was officially diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis this past April. She had no "obvious signs or symptoms" (she'll get into that in a later post) leading up to being diagnosed - unfortunately other than infertility. While recovering from her laparoscopy & excision surgery she made the personal decision to share her story publicly. Endometriosis effects 1 in 10 women & infertility effects 1 in 8 women, yet there seems to be no...

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Memorial Weekend Celebration

Memorial Day

Memorial Day - the official kickoff for Summer! Many Americans see this weekend as an opportunity to relax in the backyard, cookout with family & friends, or even plan a weekend getaway. Although this patriotic weekend tends to offer great in-store & online sales, and allows families to creates wonderful memories; it's important as a nation, we never lose sight of this day's significance. Memorial Day is a day of both celebration and grief, accounting for the honor of our heroes and reflecting on their tragic loss. These brave men & women gave their life for OUR freedom. Their selfless acts...

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Tis The Season!


We have been working around the clock packing up orders since 6:00 am on Black Friday morning! Our local postal workers are simply amazed with the boxes we bring by at the end of each day.

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Welcome Darlin'!


Hey y'all! Welcome to our new website! We hope you'll love this new platform as much as we do. Our new software not only offers a sleek new appearance, but also makes shopping much easier! Let us know your thoughts!

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